Specialized SAP Services

When the specific need is for a consultancy company ready to provide a specialized SAP FI, CO, SD and MM localization service for Mexico we can help. We usually provide business definitions, customizing, manuals, ABAP Functional Specifications, ABAP code, Basis and PI Services, Testing, Training, and Support needed for specific MX and LATAM localization, including the tax compliance.

We have experience with branches in MEXICO, PERU, COLOMBIA and ARGENTINA.

The local branch has local MX or LATAM employees that will use the system. As the system is usually customized in English, the consultants assigned must have a complete knowledge of the English language, including the full knowledge of the technical and functional language needed to interact with the team in HQ.

Also, is imperative that the provider has consultants with specific business and tax knowledge, not only SAP Knowledge, to detect any anomalies, and explain to the Mexican or LATAM employees the logic behind SAP, and how they now report to the local Tax Authorities. We have those consultants

The SAP System is normally in use in several offices of the customer across the world, so special care must be had to not disturb the current SAP transactions and operations.

Our proposals usually include:

  1. Leadership, PMO and QA of the full localization service.
  2. Business Blueprints of the tax business process, including SAP electronic accounting and SAP invoicing with the CFDI 3.3.
  3. Customizing in the FI, SD and MM module needed for tax localization:
    1. Cash based VAT
    2. Withholdings
    3. GL account settings
    4. Vendor Master Tax Data
    5. Customer Master Tax Data
    6. Bank Master Tax Data
    7. Automatic Payments program
    8. Material Master Tax data
    9. Financial Statement versions
    10. Mapping of SAP accounts to Tax Accounts
    11. SD messages and Idocs
  4. Analysis and recommendations for some SAP business processes made by the global SAP Consultants:
    1. Exchange Rates and Valuation
    2. Down Payments
    3. Profit and cost center structure
    4. Asset implementation
    5. AP, AR and GL account Groups
    6. Bank Management
    7. Automatic clearing accounts
    8. Goods in transit
    9. Payroll posting in FI from external system
    10. SD Price Determination
    11. Invoicing procedure in SD
  5. List and implementation of the required SAP notes for SAP Mexico electronic accounting (EACC).
  6. updates required for the SAP notes for SAP EACC Mexico
  7. List, functional and technical specifications and the coding the needed ABAP programs for MX tax localization not included in the SAP notes for EACC Mexico:
    1. Customer Invoices file generation to PAC
    2. Vendor Invoices upload of UUID from the xml files
    3. DIOT tax report (operations with third parties)
    4. VAT Report 
    5. Withholding tax report 
    6. Income Tax 
    7. General tax report to be used as the main worksheet for the user
    8. Bank file export in the layout required by the financial institution
    9. SAP SD invoicing monitor for CFDI 3.3 including the payment complements
  8. Unit and Integral testing of the customizing and ABAP programs stated above.
  9. Training in Spanish and English of the localization customizing and ABAP programs
  10. Support for the user cutover activities for localization
    1. Preparing files of Data Migration: vendors, customers, GL open items and balances
    2. Matching the legacy system tax accounts with the SAP tax accounts
  11. Support for Go live and month closing
  12. Support for getting the tax information from SAP.
  13. Support for explaining the business and SAP processes, business and tax and legal concepts to the consultant and user teams.
    1. This service is used for example when the SAP consultants must explain something to the users. We will explain those concepts in Spanish.
    2. This service is also useful to explain in English to the SAP consultants the user comments, worries, doubts.
    3. These services are not document translation.
  14. Specific Training for the FI, CO, SD, MM and SAT (tax) requirements

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require any clarification of the services we can provide.



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